Terms of Service

www.launchshipstudios.com is the copyright of Launchship studios which is a provider of downloadable games and applications for Smartphones, Tablets, and Web across multiple platforms. This final Terms and Service Agreement is a legal bind in terms of your usage of the website any of the Applications provided by Launchship Studios. By using our site or application, it is hereby stated that you are accepting to this agreement and abiding to enter the agreement. In case, you do not wish to enter this agreement, please don’t use our website or Applications.


Agreement verification date: August, 2014

  1. End User License Agreement:

With respect to this Agreement, Launchship Studios endows you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to the following: Personal usage of the website, make a copy via downloading and execution, exceeding the limit of downloads of a respective app on your device.

Constraints: The privileges provided to you through this Agreement are subjected to: You are not allowed to license, modify, transfer, distribute, host, sell or exploit the App or website commercially. You are not allowed to translate, familiarize, unify or plagiarize any part of the website or Applications which is prohibited by the law applicable. This site cannot be replicated to a competitive App provider or service. This site or App cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed by any means. None of the copyright notices or proprietary markings can be removed or destroyed. For any related future updates, release in relation to the site or the App (which includes in-App purchases or enhancements), this agreement would be applicable and subjected.

Launchship Studios does not make any representation that the Site or App for use in the respective locations. You would be solely responsible for all the terms in regards to the applicable laws which also includes exports and import regulations.

Launchship studios have the rights to modify at any point of time to modify or cease the Site or App without any prior notice. You are agreeing to this that Launchship Studios will not be accountable to you or any other third party for alteration or termination of any part of the App or the Site.

Launchship Studios completely owns all the rights, title, and all the applicable intellectual property rights. This agreement is not to be meant for sale and it does not entitle you for any of the rights. Launchship Studios name, logo and all the names of the products in relation to the Apps do belong to Launchship Studios. In this regards, Launchship Studios and its licensors (wherever applicable) reserve all the rights.

By the means of scanning your device periodically for the contents of other Backflip apps, our App would send these results to Backflip studios for our advertising service providers to targets their Advertisements to your device.

Whatever the content that is uploaded by the user, the user is solely responsible for that. All the risks and protocols involved in the content, the user would be responsible. All the user content should be in acceptance of the agreement and in case of any obligation, the content will be deleted with any notice at any point in time. By uploading and distribution of your user content, you are hereby granting Launchship Studios the right to grant an unalterable, non-exclusive distribute and publicize the derivative works.

The feedback or suggestions provided to Launchship Studios given by you would be treated non-confidential and non-proprietary. Launchship Studios has the right to use any of this feedback it means that it feels appropriate.


Acceptance use Policy: Following is the list of Launchship Studios

1.) You will not be entitled to use any of the user contents and not allowed to upload or distribute any part of the site or the App.

2.) You are not allowed to violate any part of the App or the Site.

3.) No defamation or intention misleading, threatening, harmful, vulgar, offensive, nudity, racism, discrimination against any individual or user.

4.) No unsolicited advertisements, promotions, junk and spam emails and No violation the law.

You are agreeing to that the terms that:

1.) You would not be uploading or distributing any computer related virus or malicious codes that would cause damages to the computer or its data.

2.) Would not gathering information from the users without their permission.

3.) Would not be interfering with the networks and servers related to the Site or the App. 4.) Would not be indulging in any of the password mining related to the server information.

We have the right to review User contents and have the authority to alter or remove them for any reason without User’s notice.

Terms and Termination:

This agreement is effective from the time and date that you accept this Agreement and would be applicable as long as you are using the Site and our App till this agreement is terminated accordingly. In case you have used this site before accepting this agreement, you are liable to the agreement from the time you have started using the Site or App. In case of violation, we have the right to terminate the agreement. Post Termination of this agreement, you would not have the rights to use the Site and App.

You agree to hold Launchship Studios harmless from any of your claims in regards to the User violation, agreement termination, Third party protocols, and violation of terms by Users. You will agree to work with Launchship Studios and cooperate with us during the defense of the claims.

You are acknowledging that the App is completely dependent on the third party from the App is been received i.e. App Store, Play Store etc. This Agreement is between you and Launchship Studios and does not include the agreement between the App Stores and users. You agree to be responsible for the payment of the fee in relation to the Apps in the respective App Stores. Launchship Studios does not have any control over the Third party services. All the Third party services are used at your own risk. You would be solely responsible towards any actions of yours in regards to the Third Party services.

This Site might contain some third party web links and Ads and Launchship Studios is not responsible for its actions as it is provided as a means of convenience. These third party links are used at your own risk. Similarly, this Site has some User content which Launchship Studios is not responsible for. The interactions with other users are completely within you and the other users and Launchship Studios are not to be involved. You are agreeing that Launchship Studios is not responsible for any liabilities during these interactions.

The Site and App provided by Launchship Studios do not warranty or conditions of any kind. Launchship Studios and its suppliers do not make any warranty that the Site or App would be available uninterrupted, error-free, accurate, legal or safe. Under no consequences shall Launchship Studios be liable to you or any Third party services. You are responsible to use the Site and App at your own discretion and risk and we are not responsible for any damage or data loss that happens to your computer or mobile device. You agree to pay the required fee required for any App you would be downloading and for any in-app purchases.

Any changes or modifications to this agreement would be notified to you via email and would be posting the changes on the Site too. The changes would be ineffective immediate. We suggest you review the policies and agreements from time to time so that you would be in Sync with the changes. You would be responsible in updating your current email address to Launchship Studios

By agreeing to the terms of this agreement you are hereby promising to abide by the governing laws and dispute resolution. This agreement stands as final between you and Launchship Studios.